Ep 31: Hashtag Marcia Hines Scandal

March 18, 2017

Ash and Ed are back for a podcast party! There's some Yosty chat, Taser person suggestions, "Colouring in" technique, Planet Hollywood, the segment "can't say who" is back, music quiz, a Twitter strategy, and the boys raise the "Scoopla Alarm" on a huge Marcia Hines scandal! Follow @AshandEdPodcast on Twitter. Grab tickets to Ash's Melbourne Comedy Festival show "Back In Business" via @AshWilliams1 Instagram. P.S a live "Ash and Ed" podcast show date will be announced real soon, and will be in the next month. :)  


Ep 30: Dodgy hotels, ethernet cables and circles of piss.

March 12, 2017

Ash and Ed are back for another episode. Ash stays at a dodgy hotel, Ed is hiding snacks from his wife. A new segment "Who's the bigger perve?". There's a "deals update", papparazzi discussion, the Trivago girl and a review of Ash and Ed's new social media manager's (Yosty) retainer and salary bonuses. Tickets to Ash's new Melbourne Festival show, "Back In Business" available via @AshWilliams1 Instagram. For all "Ash and Ed" discussion please follow @AshandEdPodcast on Twitter.


Ep 29: Daddo brothers and free sashimi

March 6, 2017

Ash and Ed are back, with weekly podcasts (we actually mean it is time ;) ) There's a Sydney showbiz report, Game Show Analysis, Taser Man suggestions, Ash has a famous Instagram follower, Ed might be leaving the podcast, and there are "no beeps" in this podcast. Follow @AshandEdPodcast on twitter to see our new SM Manager's work, and leave your suggestions for "Taser Woman". Next pod next Sunday! :)


Ep 28: Ukuleles and Tasers

February 13, 2017

Ash and Ed are back for another short episode. Ash elaborates on his Sydney bender. Ed has a TV fix for "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here", a pitch for a brand new unisex football league, and talk all things Tziporah. Send your suggestions for 'Taser Man' to @AshandEdPodcast on Twitter. P.S we are trialling a new "beep" :)


Ep 27: Rub a dub dub…

February 9, 2017

It's a big episode of "Ash and Ed". There's a Sydney trip, someone in "Ash and Ed" is having a baby! There's baby name discussion...leading to the biggest bogan baby names of 2010. There's politics, Ringwood Mazda update and AshandEdPodcast hire their first Social Media Manager. P.S this is a short episode, next episode coming on Sunday. :)


Ep 26: Beanbags in public toilets

January 29, 2017

Ash and Ed are back for a new episode. They talk Samsung, Nokia, Motorolla and Uniden phones. Ash catches up with Geoffrey Rush to pitch him "Soggy Biscuit". Ed answers a listensers tweet. There's also celebrity spotting, a new segment "Why Not?", a business pitch and Ash and Ed are looking for a lawyer (as well as a social media manager).


Ep 25: Cowboys, greyhounds and sexual persuasions.

January 22, 2017

Ash and Ed continue their search for a Social Media Manager, and go through some applications. They also discuss some SccopLa, Bernard Tomic, TV Quiz show "The Chase", go over the lucartive jobs that Ash turns down and Ed shares a tale about electronic horses. P.S no beeps at all in this episode. :)


Ep 24: End of Japanese Financial Year

January 15, 2017

Ash buys a new luxury car. Ed has a big announcement. There's an Anthony Callea update, a new quiz game, and there's nothing to watch on Netflix. There's also a story on the "Fritzel of Fridges" and a new concept for Australian of The Year involving Davey Warner and Makybe Diva. Plus if you want to apply for Social Media Manager job write to @AshandEdPodcast on Twitter.


Ep 23: First beep of the year

January 8, 2017

Ash and Ed are back for 2017. Ash has a story about working in the box industry. Ed gets the first beep of the year. There's a news update about Australian Idol, uber tips, Paris tips, secret photos, Ash has his life down to 3 items, and Ed is selling Toyota's. PLUS @AshandEdPodcast are looking for social media manager, to apply write to @AshandEdPodcast on twitter. Paid role. 


Ep 22: Undies in the bin

December 12, 2016

Ash and Ed have a "deal" update. Ash shares a beautiful story about his time in India. Ed shares an intimate conversation he had with AFL player, Stevie J. There's also discussion on gender, food bloggers, and Will.i.am making coffees with his watch. Oh, and there's also a TV Pitch. :)